6 Strategies for an efficient online teaching

Online course means learning in your comfort zone. It makes learning easier. Through online courses, you can learn your pegged course at a flexible schedule by carrying other options like jobs, other courses, etc. on the side. Online classes are on-trend. People are holding the track of online classes at an escalation because they can learn their course at an ease. 

Earlier classes of schools and colleges mean being in an institution, attending classes in particular classrooms, direct face-to-face lectures by teachers. Now, with the application of advanced technology, we can pursue our school and college education from our home. 

Today, hundreds of people or agencies are outsourcing Schools and Universities courses along with other courses to help thousands of students. 

But the main question arises here is- Are these online courses effective for the students? Are these courses adding value to their life? 

To make efficient online courses and to add value to the student’s life, you must design your courses efficiently. You should follow certain strategies so that the students are engaged in the course and not get distracted on the internet.

prepbuddies is a collaborative platform where you can manage all the coursework from a single application. Over 10,000 students are taking classes from many reputed institutions through prepbuddies. The platform offers all the necessary features needed for an efficient online class, making the courses engaging and useful for all the students.

Here are the 6 key strategies that you can implement to make online teaching effective:

1. Online Classes

2. Lecture Videos

3. Study Material

4. Assignments

5. Tests and Quizzes

6. Tutorials

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Let’s review these strategies in detail so that you can use them for efficient online teaching:

1.   Online Classes:

online-ClassesVideo conferencing is a very important part of any online class as face-to-face interaction between the teachers and students is very necessary. The teachers can connect to the students directly.

Most of the time it may happen that students might not focus on online course if there are no live lectures. They might get distracted. So, in such cases, Video Conferencing is a boon. 

Online Classes help the faculty to recognize the students' issues and the session becomes valuable for both faculty and students.

prepbuddies empowers faculty to schedule and conduct secure online classes from the platform without the hassle of searching for email or links for the class. The faculty can schedule the recurring class for the entire semester, allowing the students and faculty to join the class with the click of the button at class time. 

2. Lecture Videos:

Research has shown that 83% of human learning takes place visually. It stands to reason that video learning is a more efficient use of time, especially for an audience with a short attention span.

When learning is too conceptual and not grounded in real-world experience, many learners find motivation in short supply. The benefit of video is that it not only simplifies concepts by visualizing them, but it shows learners how something works in the real world.

Admit it, videos give you the feels. When you’re reading text, your brain is busy reading, but when you’re watching a video, your brain is busy feeling. What’s great about feeling something is that it’s a perfect engagement method for people to learn something, too.

Lecture Videos help students to establish their command over the topic in a short span of time compared to reading the texts. Time is essence for students and so students can spend the saved time on revising other topics or solving problems.

prepbuddies offers rich features for the students to watch the Lecture at variable speed and network bandwidth. The faculty member keep assured that their content stays safe at prepbuddies.

3.  Study Material:

In most of the online courses, we notice that the students are deprived of notes. Teachers only continue the video conferencing but they don’t provide notes. 

Is that fair enough? Is video conferencing enough for an efficient online class? 

Obviously, Not.

Notes would add value to the class. Notes are considered as the revision of the online sessions as it contains all the materials that we're delivering on that particular class. There must be a medium through which the teachers could also deliver notes. It would enhance the quality of the online classes and would be more beneficial.

Prepbuddies has a service where the teachers could deliver the notes to all the particular students through emails. The students are updated with the subject-wise notes. This facility makes the student choose Prepbuddies over other platforms.   

4. Assignments:

An assignment helps the students to be updated with their studies. Students will engage themselves regularly in studies which will facilitate their learning. Home Assignments help to recall all the important notes which were provided by the teachers. So, Assignments should not be ignored as it adds values in a student’s education. 

Some teachers and institutions don’t give much importance to notes as they don’t have a proper medium through which they can provide assignments to all the students. When you are in such a dilemma you can opt for Prepbuddies as this platform has the service of assigning works to students online. 

5. Tests and Quizzes:

Assessments are very useful in the whole learning process. Through Assessments/Tests we can assess what the students have learned so far and what are the shortcomings. Exams help to determine the strength and weaknesses of any student in terms of a particular subject. 

In the online mode of teaching, we get to see that conducting exams is very rare. This may happen due to a lack of facilities on many platforms. In such cases, you can go for Prepbuddies in which you will get the facility to conduct online exams.

6. Tutorials:

Not all the students of any session may get a clear idea regarding every topic taught in the class. Normally, some of the students might have doubts. But if the teachers don’t even allow clearing doubts then Will the class be efficient? 

So besides only delivering the lectures, teachers must give a particular time or arrange a particular session for doubt clearing. Doubt clearing sessions are common in offline classes but it is rare in the case of online classes. And the importance of it is equal in both the mode and even more. 

Noticing the importance of a doubt session, Prepbuddies offers doubt clearing sessions from which the students are benefited a lot. 


What are you waiting for?

Education is very important for everyone's lives. We may conduct it offline or online. Whichever model we choose we must conduct it efficiently. You can supplement your offline classes with Learning Management System to aid the learning of the students.

The pursuit of online classes is more nowadays. We shouldn't confuse video conferencing as an online class and expect the students to be successful with the online course. When online teaching is offered using the above-mentioned strategy, then faculty can be rest assured that about the students' success in the course.

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